My Favorite Podcasts As a Programmer

Podcasts allow for one to do multiple things at once while absorbing useful, entertaining, or simply enjoyable content. They offer great insight and as many people say now, voice is the future. I love to listen to podcasts while I’m programming or working on projects.

Here, I’ve compiled (wink) a list of my favorite podcasts to listen as a programmer. Some of the podcasts are technology-based, others are simply ways for me to relate, and some are built around business sense. I believe this is a well-rounded list of podcasts to get started, in case you haven’t already.

These podcasts are in no particular order!

Base.cs Podcast

If you’re a programmer looking to better understand computer science in more general terms, then you’ll very much enjoy this podcast. Also, in case you’re interested, it is produced and recorded by two women. They do an amazing job at explaining every topic and even making it entertaining. Us in the technology world have a habit of forgetting how boring some topics can be — they make sure to keep it interesting.

This is one of my favorite episodes produced by them. It explains bits, binary and bytes. This episode had me wanting more and will do the same for you.

Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey

I enjoy this podcast because it’s not only funny but also incredibly relatable and doesn’t shy away from the harder-to-talk-about topics that really everyone deals with.

I love this episode as it explains what it means to lose yourself when giving your time to other people. I believe that many extremely independent people fear this as they tend to want complete control. Candice and Casey do a great job with explaining what takes place when allowing yourself to not always be put first.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

If you follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or on any other platforms, he posts constantly. Every day you can find new posts and messages. He tends to pick a theme for a certain amount of time and curate content specifically towards that idea. For example, how relying on either people opinions for YOUR life makes no sense and how you’re never too old to start. Gary Vee has taught me many things and has opened my mind.

This episode hit home as I am a senior in high school. Most of my friends don’t do what I do (or what I attempt to do at least). This had me questioning what friends really meant to me and if I was wrong for letting certain people stick around. This episode clarifies this.

Seanwes Podcast

Another reason I enjoy this podcast is because it literally provides you with step by step instructions on how to do something. For instance, many articles or podcasts suggest ways of improving efficiencies in your everyday life, such as organizing your planner or something… but how do you organize your planner? What do you mean, Betty? This is why this podcast, and Seanwes, is so special.

The idea of showing up every day was a turning point in me deciding to do things for myself and not for anyone else. If you show up every day, you will get somewhere. While it isn’t always easy, you have to remember the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Design Life

There aren’t many podcasts like this, built on years of experience with the topic at hand and produced by two great friends across the globe from each other. If you’re looking for a new family, design life is that.

Creators guilt is something I experience all of the time. I feel if I don’t pursue every idea that I’ve lost an amazing concept. While the idea may have been good, you have to remember that you don’t have time for everything. Deciding what you have time for it what makes the things you do important.

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